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Vision Statement

UConn Graduate Consulting is a team of forward-thinking professionals that delivers consistent and immediate impact and builds sustainable competitive advantage.We work with small and medium sized enterprises to help them drive optimal value out of their current business while maximizing potential for future growth opportunities.

The diverse background of our associates from various graduate level programs at UConn allows us to utilize a wide variety of business tools for our clients.Using these tools with a clear understanding of your organization, your goals and your challenges, UGC is able to help you achieve tangible results.

Value Proposition

The UGC aims to create opportunities for career exploration and development in consulting through programs such as on-campus networking events, boutique consulting panels, case interview workshops, an annual UConn wide Case Competition, and opportunities to participate in pro bono consulting engagements. We view ourselves as a liaison between consulting firms, career service centers, student organizations, and our members. We strive to be a recognized, professional and valued student club serving the greater UConn community.

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Address: UConn Graduate Business Learning Center
100 Constitution Plaza
Hartford, Connecticut USA 06103