UGC Webinar – Consulting Industry Leaders

UGC is proud to present a new opportunity for students to learn more about consulting. UGC will be producing a series of webinars that will feature leaders in the industry who will talk about their experiences and provide tips to those new to the space. Students will be able to ask live questions and network with the speakers. For further details on each event, see below.


Friday, February 18, 2022 4-5:30pm.


Sunita Menon, MBA –  Global Business Transformation Executive, Global Data Ambassador at KPMG 

Sunita is a global executive who has masterfully connected data and technology with people, processes, and purposes to achieve strategic business results, for over 25+ years, across India & US. 

In her global HQ leadership roles in IBM, working with highly matrixed teams around the world, Sunita transformed IBM’s business using data-driven and audience-centric strategies to achieve productivity, cost savings, and revenue growth, while building data-driven organizations and mindsets. She is also a natural storyteller and can’t resist bringing storytelling into her data work.  

Currently, she is the Global Data Ambassador at KPMG International, driving global data strategies and data culture as the foundation for business transformation. She is also teaching ‘strategic public relations with data’ at the University of Florida, College of  Journalism and Communications and, guiding students in new ways of working with data and insights to prepare them for the Future of PR/Communications.  

Sunita holds an Executive MBA from the University of Connecticut, and a bachelor’s degree from Bangalore University, India. Check out her Hall of Fame award mentioned at UCONN Storrs School of Business reception area! 

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Access Code: 2620 533 1575

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Friday, February 25, 2022 4-5:30pm.


Richard Guha –  Entrepreneur in Residence, in Technology Incubation Program

Richard has over 45 years business experience in Finance, Operations, Marketing and General Management within both technology and consumer industries. 

Richard received a Bachelor’s degree in Math, Physics, and Fluid Mechanics and a Master’s in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Richard has held many positions including being the CEO of a Fortune 100 company, Chief Marketing Officer of two others, leading several start-ups, consultant to about one-third of the Fortune 500, a Board Member, and past investor in startups.

As a leading expert in corporate and startup innovation over the past 27 years, Richard has been responsible for doubling the market value and EBITDA of businesses of all sizes across the globe (over 10 countries on 4 continents).

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Access Code: 2622 169 1362

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We will feature more events throughout February and into March, as we have details we will update this page. Stay tuned!


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