First Project Team Think Tank Session

UCONN Graduate Consulting Rolls Out First Project Team Think Tank Session

Hartford, CT- February 09, 2018- UCONN Graduate Consulting Club, a graduate level student organization of business students who provide pro-bono consulting services to small- and medium-sized enterprises, implements first ever project team Think Tank session. The 2018 UGC Executive Board designed Think Tank sessions to encourage intellectual collaboration among consulting project teams to provide the optimal solutions and recommendations for clients served. President, Mercedz Austin, and VP of Client Relations, Ashish Kumar facilitated the discussion among the leaders of 5 project teams.

Saket Guntoorkar, Fish Element Team Leader, stated “ Small and medium sized enterprises don’t have much of a background in google analytics or web design and development. UGC should consider functioning as a resource hub for these small and medium sized enterprises.” Saket is currently working with Fish Element, the founder of the Reel Alert, to increase the client’s website traffic and product awareness.Matthew Burry, Commercial Solar Works Team Leader, highlighted the importance of brand positioning and channel distribution strategy for small to medium sized enterprises. Commercial Solar Works, also known as “CSW,” is a startup focusing on commercial and industrial solar development in CT and surrounding northeast state markets. Matt’s UGC project team has been working with CSW researching renewable energy policies and identifying business development opportunities.Think Tank participants included Jana Rdhanan- Connectikids, Namratha Kasineni- Fish Element, Kirill  Karpenko- Chief Teale’s Tools of Learning,  Sree Inturi- YWCA, Ashish Kumar- Career Engage Boston, Matthew Burry- Commercial Solar Works, and Mercedz Austin- President of UGC