2014-2015 Projects

Many Mentors Many Mentors

Prior to working with UGC, ManyMentors did not have a finance function geared towards financial budgeting and analysis. In addition, the ledger data was stored in QuickBooks, and not easily formatted to track expenditures. Overall, ManyMentors needed to accurately create financial statements and reporting documents for both internal and external purposes.

The Objectives

Not having a thorough understanding of where its expenses were going and how much money it maintains, ManyMentors saw the need to aggregate its finances into a financial model, using Excel. The company needed to capture budget and actual as well as forecast expenses. To populate the financial model, ManyMentors provided UGC with its QuickBooks database from 2011 to 2014.

The Results and Benefits

With help from UGC, ManyMentors has a streamlined process they can follow in regards to creating their budget and tracking expenditures. Furthermore, ManyMentors has both a macro and micro view of its finances. What’s more important is that management can see how changes in the budget and forecast can impact the bottom line as well as analyze variances and easily trace data back to later points in time.



Generation UCAN




UCAN has the potential to be the next generation of healthy energy powered by SuperStarch – a complex carbohydrate (derived from non-GMO corn) that uniquely stabilizes blood sugar and causes virtually no reaction from the fat-storage hormone insulin. Currently, the major market for UCAN is athletes especially in Marathon and children with rare conditions. Because UCAN is products are gluten-free, our challenge is to provide UCAN with a set of “go to market” recommendations based on research about the product and the potential consumer segment of gluten-free individuals, in the U.S. market.

The Results and Benefits

  1. Conducted a SWOT analysis based the research and comparison between the similar products available in the US market.
  2. Determined the characteristics of potential consumer segment and their decision making process through the in-depth interviews with gluten-free people.
  3. Proposed several marketing approaches including – 1) sponsorship for sports activities and gluten-free community; 2) Investment on digital marketing; 3 Designed a logo and APP for SuperStarch.




PartsTech is an automotive parts eCommerce platform designed to connect retail repair shops to the parts they need while eliminating product waiting time and ordering errors.  The UGC was tasked with speaking to local mechanics to determine their current parts ordering process and if they would be willing to change their routine to involve PartsTech’s new ordering system.

The Results and Benefits

PartsTech’s prospective customer base are very set in their ways (mostly older, less tech-savvy mechanics) but the mechanics willing to learn about the benefits of the online ordering system were confident they would try this product when it is ready for use.




cfzCarbon Zero Fuel




Carbon Zero Fuels is a 501C3 NPO (pending) whose business is geared to offset carbon emissions. Clients of the organization will pay an extra 20 cents (tax-deductible) for every 1 gallon of gasoline/fuel they consume. Those funds will be used to plant enough trees to net the emitted carbon to zero. Carbon Zero Fuels has partnered with Reforest The Tropics (RTT). An entity that physically plants the trees funded by money raised from Carbon Zero Fuels. Our team was tasked to make a recommendation for their business plan, sales plan, marketing plan, and future corporate tie-ups.

The Results and Benefits

We have delivered a minimum viable business strategy for our not-for-profit client Carbon Zero Fuels(CZF). Our recommendation focuses on increasing brand awareness in 3 different business areas in order to generate a constant revenue generation scheme. We have identified that our prospective target audiences are Corporate Donors, Corporate Sponsors, and Tree Planters.

Firstly, we started with analyzing competitors, what are they doing and how are they doing it? Secondly, we did a SWOT analysis for CZF. Thirdly, we developed a digital marketing plan, this includes developing a website, a twitter handle, and a Facebook page. We also used analytics and search engine optimization techniques to track the trends and behavior of our target audiences and make strategic plans for digital marketing strategy. Furthermore, we have recommended the use of Web 2.0 technology to interact over blogs, followed by an Email campaign.



saveonsendSave on Send


SaveOnSend.com is a free online service that helps people in the US to make an informed choice when sending money to China, India, Mexico, and the Philippines. With SaveOnSend.com consumers can compare among top money transfer providers for their next transfer, check how they did on their last transfer, learn and help others to make better decisions when sending money. SaveOnSend.com is a start-up founded in 2015.

The UGC was tasked with creating Brand Awareness for saveonsend.com as a comparison portal for sending money to India, generating users, and increasing the traffic at the portal.

The Results and Benefits

1. Shortlisted Indian Associations in the East coast. Established contacts with these associations and reached out to the members through fliers and mailers.

2. Made a list of references working in companies across the US. Sent out mailers to these individuals to spread the word about saveonsend.com in their personal and professional circles.

3. Digital Marketing: Created a Digital marketing campaign resulting in a 100% increase in new user traffic.