Leadership Team 2022

UCONN Graduate Consulting – 2022 Leadership Team

Darius Stallone, MBA


MSBAPM ’23, Stamford



With over 3 years of industry experience and a penchant for Data Science and Analytics Darius Stallone aspires to learn about the ever-growing and changing data landscape. As a Business Analyst and Affiliations Manager for India’s 1st AI-based equity stock advisory firm “JARVIS” Darius helped to drive an annual business in the investment of $3 million dollars and over 300+ affiliations and channels business partners made during the COVID Pandemic. Having an MBA in Corporate Finance and currently pursuing MS BAPM at UCONN Stamford makes Darius prepared for any project coming his way. He is highly focused on projects towards Small Business Development and refining business process models.


Darius’ expertise lies in project management, equity research, portfolio management and analytics. He has found success in staying positive and enthusiastic while using his strong discipline to stay on track. In his role as UGC president, Darius plans to treat each client uniquely to deliver them a tailored approach while using his experienced background to help clients achieve their goals.


S. Tazeen Fatima

Vice President – Strategy & Operations

FT MBA ’23, Hartford



A client-focused technical management professional with excellent analytical and logical skills possessing rich experience of 10+ years in the IT industry. Tazeen has a background in the following areas:


-Program Management


-Project Management

-Predictive Analytics & Big Data

-IT Service Management

-Cost-effective production with increased quality

-Identifying Business and System Requirements

-Actively participating in Data and Business Modeling

Morgan Peniston

Vice President – Marketing

PMBA ’23, Hartford




Morgan is a passionate and driven marketing professional currently pursuing her MBA to gain a well-rounded view of business. She is a marketing associate for an asset manager, where she works on a variety of digital marketing and internal communications initiatives for US operations. As one of UGC’s Vice Presidents of Marketing, Morgan hopes to help expand the awareness of UGC across UConn’s graduate programs and gain real-world experience in marketing strategy and planning.

Apoorva Gudihal

Vice President – Marketing

MSBAPM ’22, Hartford






Apoorva is a passionate student of analytics and marketing who has 3+ years of experience in analytics, marketing, and the risk management industry. Apoorva has been an avid debater and public speaker over the years. Apoorva aims to use her analytical thinking and marketing experience to provide clients with the best solutions. As one of UGC’s Vice Presidents of Marketing, she hopes to Promote UGC and its clients with optimal business and marketing strategies.

Nandita Krishnan 

Vice President – Client Development

MSBAPM ’22, Stamford





Coming from the Silicon Valley of India, Nandita has always been passionate about technology and data. Previously, as a Consultant for a Big 4, she has worked on several high-impact projects in the Healthcare Industry and brought them to fruition. Nandita is also a Computer Science Engineer who is now pursuing her Master’s in Business Analytics & Project Management to enhance her skillset and broaden her horizon. As VP of Client Development, Nandita aims to identify businesses with the potential to grow and flourish with the help of UGC.

Christopher Pyne

Vice President – Client Development

BAPM ’23, Stamford





Christopher Pyne is a young professional who is just starting out in his career. To tackle client problems, he employs data analytics and visualization. He aided in the optimization of productivity and sales in prior client-facing jobs. He has given speeches to large groups of people, up to 100 business executives at a time. As Vice President of Client Development at UConn’s Graduate Consulting Group, he aims to assist clients in discovering innovative ways to improve performance via the use of UCG’s skills.

Ayush Sinha

Vice President – Client Engagement

MSBAPM ’22, Stamford






An engineering graduate specializing in electronics and communications, Ayush is driven towards interpersonal skill development, client handling and management. Having worked in the consulting industry, he is proficient in mediating conversations for client engagements and management of project scope and timelines. As a VP at UGC, he intends to build team efficiency for seamless handling and transition of work across all projects and verticals.


Ryan Raczkowski 

Vice President – Client Engagement

Dual MD/MBA ’22, Hartford






Ryan Raczkowski is a MD/MBA Candidate with 4+ years of experience in the medical field. He has taken on leadership roles throughout his undergraduate and graduate careers and is very comfortable working within a team environment. Ryan is currently seeking out new opportunities where he can apply the critical thinking skills necessary from the medical field, and hopes to use his experience from UGC and the MBA program to help the healthcare field move forward. Ultimately, Ryan hopes to bridge the gap between administrative roles in healthcare, and it’s front line workers.


Madhusree Chowdhury

Vice President – Talent

MSBAPM ’22, Hartford


Madhusree is a graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Business Analytics & Project Management. She was always numerically inclined with a strong aptitude for analytical thinking. She carried this throughout her education, having graduated with a bachelor’s in mathematics, with honors, followed by two master’s degree in pure and applied mathematics. For a few years, she worked as a Research Assistant on applications of non-linear dynamical system in Artificial Neural Network. After having this rigorous math background, she decided to switch onto the Business Analytics and Project Management Program which would bind her analytical skills with business problems. She is very inquisitive in nature, always ready to learn new things and can handle leadership roles with a sense of responsibility.


As Vice President of Talent Management, she would ensure that UGC identifies high skilled candidates and would work on the overall strategy to make consultation a smooth process.

Adithya K R

Vice President – Talent

MSBAPM ’22, Hartford






Adithya is an avid storyteller currently pursuing his MS in Businesses Analytics and Project Management. He worked as a product consultant for a SaaS company in India interacting with numerous small and medium businesses across the globe. This piqued his interest in building data-driven product strategies, and he aspires to apply his analytical and creative skills to build products for real world problems. As one of the VPs of Talent, Adithya will work to recruit and build student-teams for client projects and keep the students informed about various projects undertaken by the UGC.