Leadership Team 2019

UCONN Graduate Consulting – 2019 Leadership Team


Shujie (Vicky) Luo

Shujie (Vicky) is a visionary with a strong passion in the field of digital marketing. She developed solid problem-solving skills as well as hands-on project management experience while working at P&G and Xiaohongshu for four years (Top social based E-Commerce Company in China). Following her entrepreneurial spirit, she co-founded Haibeike (Hangzhou)Technology Co. Ltd., an e-commerce based cosmetics startup in 2018.

To build a technical background in business analytics, she is currently enrolled in the master program of Business Analytics and Project Management at the University of Connecticut. 

As the president of the UGC in 2019, she will work to make an impact on the community and build a strong student network among the master’s programs at UCONN.


Divya Chaturvedi

Vice President – Talent Management


Divya is a Master’s student in the department of Business Analytics & Project Management. She studied information technology as an undergraduate. Divya has over four years of experience in business & data analysis coupled with hands-on exposure in handling all phases of a project. Much of her previous work surrounded identifying opportunities to increase and measure customer retention, positioning the company’s brand in an emerging market, and utilizing data & business intelligence tools.

Adam Gelbs
Vice President – Marketing

Adam Gelbs is a highly motivated and driven strategy professional with 4+ years of advertising experience. His background handling key client accounts with spend in excess of $200MM has helped him understand how to evaluate market conditions and deliver effective strategy recommendations. While working on the VW and GSK accounts, he has been able to balance numerous tasks at once.

His time spent working on teams, dealing with clients and planning large budgets has helped him develop a unique perspective on how to approach business problems based on corporate goals. By evaluating, re-evaluating and adjusting plans, he is better able to find ways to improve and drive efficiencies.

Currently, he is an MBA candidate at the University of Connecticut concentrating in business analytics and digital marketing strategy. He is looking for a career where he can help lead/guide companies in becoming more effective in how they operate. He adapts quickly to new situations and will make an immediate impact with new ideas, positive energy and a spirit of collaboration.

Radhika Malviya
Vice President – Strategy and Operations

Radhika is an experienced Data Analyst skilled in storytelling, automating, developing and compiling reports/dashboards using business intelligence tools. She is proficient in data analysis, data management, and data visualization.

Radhika is currently enrolled in the Business Analytics and Project Management program at the University of Connecticut. Before enrolling at UCONN, she worked in e-commerce for 3 years as a Data Analyst. Much of her work involved standardizing data collection processes from multiple systems & subsidiaries in order to normalize and store information on an on-going basis. Radhika was able to accomplish this by working with a global data analytics team for customer behavior analysis and market segmentation.

Zhiqi (Cathy) Shi
Vice President – Client & Business Development (Stamford)

Having grown up in a small town in China, Cathy has always wanted to explore the world. After high school, she traveled to U.S. and earned a B.S. in Accounting from University of Oregon. While in school, she interned at a large general hospital and helped them rebuild their supply/inventory system that resulted in roughly 30% savings. After graduation, she worked in consulting. While consulting, she and her team conducted a strategic expansion analysis in the healthcare industry which included a detailed operation scheme for her clients. She polished her analytical skills and financial knowledge at a large securities group (Huatai) in China before pursuing her M.S. in Business Analytics and Project Management at UConn. As the Vice President of Client and Business Development – Stamford, she will apply her skills towards developing and maintaining client relationship that deliver business solutions. Additionally, she will lead various projects that engage students from all programs. Her expected graduation date is May 2020.

Takeya Hilliard
Vice President (Stamford)

Takeya is an entrepreneur at heart and is always expanding her knowledge to compete in this competitive world of business. Having the innovative spirit, Takeya’s career started strong where she accepted internships with Atlantic Recordings in strategic College Marketing and Promotions and The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy’s) as an Administrative Assistant. She was a radio personality on WSSB 90.3 FM, and her experiences have opened other doors; whereas, she also worked with Walt Disney World. Therefore, her skill for public speaking and ability to mold charisma on an individual or a group are uncanny.

While working with Czar Entertainment as an Artist and Repertoire, she was also molded into athlete marketing management. She then took her new talents to Q2 Sports as a Client Manager in the Football department. Takeya has dedicated herself around all aspects of entertainment executes from music, films, and sports. She has strategically built an empire of connections with strong knowledgeable and leadership skilled individuals.

As an MBA student with a concentration in International Business and Management focusing on Entrepreneurship and Innovations, Takeya Hilliard brings much experience to UConn Graduate Consulting club as the Vice President on the Stamford campus.  She has consulted for start-ups from for-profit to non-profit, to major corporations.  Her experience with the Experiential Learning Collaborative course and Innovation Quest program added to her experience to help individuals develop the solutions for the missing links for success.  Her assets allow her to be a strong critical and creative thinker that assist with new idea creations while working with and discovering talent and brands.  Within her organizational and communicative skills, she has the ability to coordinate multiple projects, manage development material, and support other team projects and duties.