2018-2019 Projects

The following projects are/will be undertaken by various UGC teams for the year 2018-2019:


  • Construction Management Systems, LLC 
    • Background: Construction Management Systems, LLC has taken the lead in urban planning and development, as a self-performing construction management and general contracting firm. With over 30 years of industry experience specializing in all phases of carpentry, general-trades construction, and construction project management, Construction Management Systems, LLC has surpassed industry standards in transforming both residential and commercial venues into flourishing modern-day classic communities. Our firm’s expertise and complete delivery of quality mixed-use development projects- from planning and design to meeting industry compliance standards for the ultimate completion of construction – is unmatched in the State of Connecticut.
    • Mission: At CMSA, we do a little more than just act as general contractors. We have been in the construction business for two generations and have created a true family to work around. With our project management services, design-build service and residential remodel, you will be in good hands when you choose the proven experts in counties of Hartford, Fairfield and New Haven, CT.
    • Objectives for UGC Project: Marketing, daily operation consulting, standard operating procedure creation and strategy for implementation.
    • Website: www.cmsa.co
  • Victory Always Shared Living Community
    • Background: Victory Always Shared Living Community is a family owned single room occupancy (SRO) property owner and management company. Shared living is a type of residence designed for multiple people to share the same common space with private bedrooms. Individuals living in this type of arrangement often form bonds and develop a sense of community, as they are sharing common space. This is what makes our shared living community different from the typical rooming house.
    • Company Mission:  Our mission is to provide our residents with quality affordable housing. The Victory Always Shared Living Community strives offer a safe and clean environment and lifestyle to enhance the shared living experience of our residents.
    • Objectives: Expense analysis, property SRO valuation and marketing.
  • CEN
    • Background: CEN is updating and revising its brand messaging. For 18 years, CEN has been known as the Connecticut Education Network – a Research and Education Network (REN) built to serve institutions in Connecticut. Over the years, CEN has grown to serve any organization in Connecticut, including for-profit companies. The REN foundation and the name (Connecticut Education Network) have contributed to a brand reputation that does not include our ability to serve these companies and to be an accessible/well-known internet service provider.
      CEN seeks to be known as CEN – Connecticut’s Trusted Internet Partner. CEN offers numerous and significant services and benefits to its members (customers) that exceed those of competitors (see attached). To promote these and to continue to grow CEN revenue and member count, CEN seeks strategies and recommendations for marketing the company, its products and services.
  • Blue Earth Compost
    • Background: Since 2013, Blue Earth Compost has offered a food scrap pick-up service for residents and businesses in Connecticut.Company Mission is to make composting easier and more accessible in Connecticut so we can improve our air, water, and soil. This will be achieved by continuing to provide a great experience for our customers and the broader economy and environment
In Association with GAHI
  • Cadenza Innovation
    • Background: Cadenza Innovation is bringing to market the world’s lowest cost, safest and most compact battery solution through technology licensing to global manufacturing partners. Their leadership team brings extensive experience and high credibility in the battery industry, which has enabled a large global network of suppliers and partners helping advance this technology platform to market. This supercell technology has gone through several independent test laboratories and is now in the early product stage in partnership with Fiat Chrysler on the automotive side and with State of NY / ABB on the utility/grid side.
    • Mission
      Cadenza Innovation’s goal is to drive cost out of energy systems while increasing the energy content available.
    • Objective
      The objective of this project is to conduct a marketing study of the behind the meter commercial energy storage market and answer the question: If the investment of a battery energy storage system (BESS) needs to be paid off in 3 years, what cost/price/performance point does the system have to have? The cost will be made up of the battery cost and the system cost. The conclusion will be built into a financial excel model that is capable of simulating a few key scenarios.
  • The Feel Good Lab
    • Background: The Feel Good Lab is a health product start-up located in New Haven, CT with an objective to upgrade the products and purchasing experiences in the wellness space. Founded in 2016, TFGL makes topical analgesics to support healthy muscles and joints. The first product is an FDA-registered, 100% natural pain cream packed with 30 incredible ingredients that goes beyond merely masking pain.Current solutions to relieving pain are flawed. Most merely mask pain, doing nothing to treat the cause nor put people on a path to recovery. Oral medications require exposing your entire body to potent substances just to treat small areas and thus side effects occur. It’s because of this that 1 in 3 U.S. adults are affected by chronic pain. Layer on that consumers today want safe, natural products and the choices for true relief are limited. That’s where we come in.
    • Mission
      Our mission is simple; to help people prevent and recover from muscle and joint pain. Pain sucks. We help fix it.
    • Objective
      Sales and marketing support, specifically with a new product launch occurring during Holiday Season 2018. Excellent research and communication skills required.
  • Sheen Health
    • Background: Sheen Health is an innovative healthcare company focused on reducing patient bad debt for physicians, as well as the complexity and opacity of the healthcare payment experience for patients.
    • Mission
      Sheen Health uses real-time benefit and patient responsibility solutions to reduce administrative expenses, increase patient revenue, and get more satisfied patients.
    • Objective
      Some of the technology skillsets Sheen Health is looking for are:
      – An understanding of how search engine optimization works, social media presence, Google ad-words, etc.
      – Skilled with VUE.JS framework for building user interfaces.
      – Graphic design experience to make the website more appealing, have clear navigation & logical roadmap.